Tuesday League

Week 15 Results are posted 
Round Robin 5  - Week 3 posted
Playoff & Tournament - Round 1 is posted

Thursday League

Week 6 of 2nd half results are posted


Brackets updated as of July 25

Dwan Cup

 YTD points are posted as of July 25

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 Modified Chapman Tournament results

Congratulations to the winners!

Flight 1:

1st Place: Anderson-Vaughn

2nd Place: Sellnow-Sellnow

3rd Place: Knudsen-Knudsen


Flight 2:

1st Place: Suresh-Mrocek
2nd Place: Eicher-Hawks 

3rd Place: Colby-Newlin


Flight 3:

1st Place: Langness-Draegar 

2nd Place: Wade-Prigge

3rd Place: Laufenberg-Wollin

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