Tuesday League Update for 2019


This is a special informational memo to those returning members of the Dwan Men’s Club Tuesday League, and other DMC members who may be interested in playing in the Tuesday League in 2019.  Even though the 2019 season is five months away, the preliminary preparation work has already begun to ensure a great experience for all.

Terry Thompson has graciously agreed to serve as Co-Director for the Tuesday League.  We welcome and thank Terry for his commitment.

The Round Robin series format was well received and will be used again in 2019.  The round robin format requires the total number of teams to be a multiple of 4.  An ideal number of teams is 40 or 48.   Forty-four teams is also a workable number, though less ideal since it requires a cross-over bracket.

Last year, there was a mad scramble at the registration deadline.   Several teams registered very late.  We had 46 interested teams, so that meant that the two teams that applied last were rejected.  In one case, members of a team were unclear as to which member was going to register their team, and the result was that none of the members did so.  

For 2019, we want to ensure a more orderly process by building a priority list, then confirming each team on that list once their members have registered and paid on time.

We will accept and guarantee a spot for the first 40 teams to sign up, provided all team members register and pay before the 2019 DMC registration deadline.  That deadline date will be announced in January.  Teams who register after the first 40 teams have been accepted will be placed on a wait list until the next workable number of teams, 44 or 48, is achieved.  If the next target number is not achieved, league entry fees will be refunded to teams on the wait list who were not accepted.  

If you plan to enter a team for the Tuesday League 2019 season, direct an email to either of the Tuesday Co-Directors listed below as soon as possible.   In your email, list the names of the three or four players on your 2019 team, your preference for playing in the A or B division, and designate the person who will serve as your team captain, along with their contact number. 

Then watch for the announcement that launches Dwan Men’s Club registrations for 2019, and see to it that all members of your team officially register and pay promptly to lock in your place among the first 40 teams. 

Happy Holidays to All,

Dave Mrocek                     davemrocek@msn.com

               Terry Thompson               tjack1020@Icloud.com





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