Attention Tuesday League Teams and those interested in playing in the Tuesday League in 2020:

As we did last season, due to the popularity of the Tuesday League and the unique elements of the round-robin format, the Tuesday League Directors are initiating an “early intent to play in the Tuesday League” priority list.  This provides an opportunity to gauge the likely number of returning teams, the intentions of teams that are shuffling rosters, and to better assess openings for new players and teams.  New members are critical to the long term success of the men’s club.

If you plan to enter a team in the Tuesday League for 2020, please submit the following to Terry Thompson at:

A statement of your intent to play.

The names of your players.

The most recent 18-hole handicaps for each player

Your preference for playing in the A or B division (Gold or White)

A designation of your team captain, along with the captain’s contact information including phone number

State whether or not you are open to accepting a new member or are seeking a new member.

 Terry will compile a priority list based on the order of replies.  Remember that while you are reserving a spot for your team, final participation in the Tuesday League is ultimately subject to all members of your team registering and paying appropriate fees on time during the membership application period in early 2020.  Individuals who are not affiliated with teams at this time are also encouraged to express their interest, and you will be placed on a list of potential players.

Dave Mrocek, Terry Thompson, Charles Hawks











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Final Point Standings for 2019 Dwan Players Cup
Divisions A and B are posted


Mark Wanous
2019 Dwan Club Champion


Mike Anderson
2019 Dwan Cup Champion


Gregg Mayer
2019 Hawk Champion


Herm Marthaler
2019 Hawk Champion Division B



















Frans Officer
Dwan Cup Division B Champion





If you would like to get on a waiting list for the Tuesday or Thursday League, enter your contact information on the waiting list. The options are on the left menu, in the Tuesday & Thursday groups.

While the Dwan Men’s Club can offer no assurances that an opening for league membership will be available to you, those on the waiting list will be given first consideration when openings are available.