League Updates
Attention Tuesday League Players:

The final Tuesday League championship playoff results are now posted under the tab Tuesday League Playoff Final Results.  The results also include the consolation best ball results for both the Gold and White divisions.

The team payout amounts appear for each winning team.   The payouts for the championship playoff teams will be evenly distributed among all listed team members.  Congratulations to all of our winners.

Traditionally, the payouts for winning teams in the consolation best ball are distributed to the two players who actually played.  However, if your team would prefer to have those payouts equally distributed among all members of your team, please inform your league directors of this preference by Saturday, August 31st.  Send an email to davemrocek@msn.com    The payout amounts will be forwarded to Terry Langness next Tuesday, Sept 3rd, and the certificates will be ready for distribution soon after that.

It’s been great working with all of you this year, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the season.

Dave and Terry














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Point Standings for the Dwan Players Cup
Divisions A and B are Posted

Thursday League Championship Playoff Finals


Division A

first place   championship  team 9  $450

second place  team 4  $390

third place  team 3  $225

fourth place team 12  $165

fifth place, consolation champs team 6  $90

six place team 7 $60


Division B‚Äč

first place championship team 25  $450

second place team 15  $390

third place team and fourth place tie teams 18 and 17 $390

fifth place consolation champs tie with teams 26 and 19  $150

Congratulations to Mark Wanous
2019 Club Champion






1st place goes to Mark Wanous

2nd Place goes to Mike Anderson

3rd place tie goes to Blake Trowbridge & Nick Marko


In the Senior category (55 - 64) -

1st Place to Mike Anderson

2nd Place to Blake Trowbridge

3rd Place to Kevin Wittrock


In the Super Seniors category (65 +)

1st Place - Dave Presthus

2nd Place tie goes to Jim Hatlestad & Mike Hansen

















































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While the Dwan Men’s Club can offer no assurances that an opening for league membership will be available to you, those on the waiting list will be given first consideration when openings are available.