Attention Tuesday League Teams and those interested in playing in the Tuesday League in 2020:

This is a friendly reminder to members of teams who have previously participated in the Dwan Men’s Club Tuesday League to apply to the “intent to play priority list” for the 2020 season.  To date, 36 teams have indicated their intent to play.  The optimum number of teams for the round robin format used is a number divisible by four, so the next thresholds are 40 teams, 44 teams, and 48 teams.  48 is the maximum number of teams that can be accommodated for the Tuesday League.  If you haven’t done so already, please send the following information via email as soon as possible to league Co-Director:

                Terry Thompson

-          A statement of your team’s intent to play

-          The names of your players and their approximate handicaps if you know them

-          Designate your team captain and provide the captain’s full contact information

-          Your preference to play in either the A/Gold or B/White divisions

-          Your team’s willingness to add a player or to accept a new DMC member as a teammate

Please remember that the list we are compiling helps us plan for brackets, place new members, compose schedules, and anticipate the number of tee times needed.  Your response holds a spot in the order received, and is only confirmed once all of your team members comply with the DMC member application process that opens on February 1, 2020.   Last year we had 50 interested teams for 48 spots. 

Watch the website for other announcements regarding registrations and applications for the 2020 season.

-          Dave Mrocek

-          Terry Thompson

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The Dwan Men’s Club Spring Meeting is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at the Bloomington Event Center (KC Hall). 

Please do everything you can to attend this very important meeting.  There will be some important changes in 2020, notably changes to the handicap system, certificate distribution process, and several other matters, so your attendance at this meeting is vital.  More details about the meeting, including the start time, will be provided as the date nears.

The 2020 membership letter is posted on the web site under Membership Info.



Mark Wanous
2019 Dwan Club Champion


Mike Anderson
2019 Dwan Cup Division A Champion

Frans Officer
2019 Dwan Cup Division B Champion


Gregg Mayer
2019 Hawk Champion


Herm Marthaler
2019 Hawk Champion Division B
























If you would like to get on a waiting list for the Tuesday or Thursday League, enter your contact information on the waiting list. The options are on the left menu, in the Tuesday & Thursday groups.

While the Dwan Men’s Club can offer no assurances that an opening for league membership will be available to you, those on the waiting list will be given first consideration when openings are available.