Tuesday League 
Weekly Results posted

Attention Tuesday League Players:

You will now find posted the Round Robin 2 results through week 4, the first week of RR2 action. 

Also note the season long point standings appear on the big board we position near the scoring table every week. 

The earlier tee times seemed to help a lot, and the last teams finished in better daylight.  Next week’s start times are 10 minutes earlier than the original scheduled times, then the balance of the season all times have been moved up 20 minutes original schedule.  There are new schedules posted, and paper versions will be on the scoring table again this week.


Thursday League
Week 3 results are posted






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Marcia Scramble Tournament results:

The winners are as follows -

1st place goes to the team of Hatlested/Smith/Katajamaki/Queenan, pays out $480 or $120 per golfer (

Must have been a fairly even field as 4 teams (count'em 4!) tied for 2nd place.  That being the case, 16 golfers will share the pot of $940, or $59 each (rounding up a quarter for all). 

The winners are as follows -

Moline/Belew/Wisel/Schulstad, S Knutsen/Eicher/M Queenan/Redders, Mayer/Ritchart/Hickman/Sychalla & the team of Wittrock/Newlin/Divine/Patrick.

And in 6th place winning $180, or $45 per golfer is Presthus/Hild/Albertson/Pepka.

Also closest to the pin honors ($50 each) were, hole #4 Scott Knudsen who stuck it 8' 10" from the stick, and, hole #8, Jim Hatlested really stuck it close at 23.75 inches 

The next event the Individual Stableford on Saturday, June  1st




















































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